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We GET to do this! — August 16, 2018

We GET to do this!

By: Garrison Polsgrove
Next Step Pastor
Compass Christian Church

We GET to do this!

When I was eighteen I went sky diving for the first time. Ok, honestly…to use the word “Skydive” is probably an overstatement. It was more “parachuting.” It is when a parachute has a rip line attached to the plane that opens your parachute as soon as you jump. Nevertheless, it was an amazing experience.

When you look down at the earth three-thousand feet in the sky things look tiny. You see things you were blinded to while on the ground. You see the landscape, instead of previously seeing only what laid before your eyes while standing with two feet on the ground. Things that seemed huge now seem like nothing when viewing them from three-thousand feet in the air.

At times, volunteering in the church can become wearisome. It can feel like you are not making a difference if life change is infrequent. Can I encourage, however, to raise your perspective to have a broader understanding on what you are accomplishing. You are facilitating the ministry of Jesus through the local church. We all play a part in making life change happen. We may not directly notice what Jesus is doing in a person’s life, but by making yourself available and remaining faithful in your role each weekend you are a part of the wins we celebrate.

So, next time you must manufacture energy to show up on time and fulfill the role you have been given within the Next Step Team, remember we are in this together. Bring your perspective to the three-thousand-foot view and get excited about what Jesus is doing here at Compass. Say out loud “I GET TO DO THIS!!”