Post by: Garrison Polsgrove
Youth Discipleship Pastor at Shepherd Church

OK…Ok…OK…I know what you may be thinking… (or what I am thinking in my head right now)….does the internet really need another blog!!!? And my answer would be, “No!” So why in the world am I starting this one?! Great question…let me answer that:

Purpose of this Blog Site:
To inspire the youth volunteers of Shepherd Church to continue serving our great God and King, Jesus Christ.

Explanation of Purpose:
Working with students can take its toll…especially when you haven’t seen much life change as a result of your influence. Trust me…I get it. You think not seeing life change is discouraging after serving a few hours on a weekly basis…try committing your entire vocational career to ministry and not seeing consistent life change…yeah…super challenging. However, the thing I use to keep my motivation going when I don’t see life change myself is stories of life change I hear from our volunteers. This is my hope for this blog…to inspire you with the stories of others.

My Hope for you:
When you read the stories published it would remind you of the power of God. Period. Not how effective the volunteer is telling the story…Not how great Shepherd Church is…Not feelings of inadequacy due to comparing your story to theirs…not how much you wish you had a story like theirs…just complete acknowledgement of the power of God.

So here we go! As you read each story may you be reminded that God is working whether we see it or not. May we acknowledge that God is powerful and He is advancing His will in the lives of others…we just GET to be apart of it!!!

Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is proved.”
― Martin Luther