Post by: Carla Pryor
Shepherd Youth D-Group Leader

This time of the year, as we reach the end of our service to our youth groups, I always ask God what he wants me to do next. During the year I know we all have times we feel burned out and exhausted. Some of us may ask, “Have I made any impact in these kids lives?”

At this point, I know some of us feel we haven’t, I know some of us will not be here next year as we feel we haven’t accomplished anything. Well for me, every year for the past 8 years I have had these feelings. But today, God spoke to me through one of my girls who graduated from high school over 4 years ago. I passed her in the hallway last Sunday, she called out my name and I called out hers. She was surprised I remembered her name and I told her that I will never forget her name – and she laughed and she said, “I know, because you have a dog with the same name.”

We hugged and she told me about her life and what she was doing and I beamed with joy. Then she stopped and said she wanted to tell me something. She goes, “3 days ago my mom and I were talking. I told her that I have had so many things in my past that have happened and I chose to forget but I will never forget Fratz and my leader (me) and how that has impacted my life forever. I am so thankful for you and all those involved in the youth group. I would like to serve like you one day!”

My eyes swelled with tears of joy.

So when you think you are not doing anything in these lives today, be encouraged in knowing that you are leaving a seed planted in their hearts. Yes, that seed may take some time to grow, but be patient in knowing that it is in there and everyone blossoms at their own time.

God just told me that I am staying another year, my 9th year.