Post By: David Willard Jr
Shepherd Youth D-Group Leader

A few weeks before D-groups ended I had a conversation with one of my boys who was upset because he felt he was in a lose-lose situation over missing D-Groups for a week. He had a track banquet that started at 6pm and he knew it was important to be there, but he felt “church”‎ (D-Groups) was more important. We discussed the importance of both and reminded him it was okay to miss a D-group night for something only happening once a year (and for only a few years while he is in school). After we spoke he told me he understood and thanked me for helping him.

I am overwhelmed we get to have such an impact that a student thinks missing a night of church is a big deal. I love my boys and can’t imagine spending a Wednesday night without them. Thank you Garrison for helping us do what we are privileged to do.

God Bless