Post by: Garrison Polsgrove
Youth Discipleship Pastor at Shepherd Church

198 students! I know right?!! It’s awesome! That is the number high school students who have given their week to experience Jesus in Crestline, CA. I am speaking of our annual summer camp of course. We also have 26 adult small group volunteers who have given of their week to mentor these students.

There is something mysterious that happens when a student retreats from their normal routine and surroundings to pursue an experience with Christ. Yes, they also experience thin air, sunscreen, constant encouragement to drink water, late nights, tired eyes, strained voices, and painful rope burns (ask a camper about that one), but most importantly they experience adults who desperately desire for them to encounter the life changing power of Jesus Christ.

The rewards of volunteering at camp don’t come in the form of a paycheck, plaque, or prestige; but instead they come in the form of getting to answer the questions: “How can I know for sure I will go to heaven?” “What does it mean to trust Jesus?” “I want to follow Jesus but will I still have fun?”

When camp ends we will make a recap video to summarize all that went on. However, the true rewards of summer camp are not projected in a video but rather produced in the everyday life of a changed student who encountered Christ. Although all the adults will return home tired, sore, and slightly sunburned, I guarantee they will all say….”It was worth it.”