Post by: Garrison Polsgrove

Youth Discipleship Pastor at Shepherd Church

“The devil is in the details.” Ever heard that saying? Forgive me for my rather harsh opening, but it is a saying that captures the essence of whether something is average or spectacular. The small details of events or ministries aren’t seen by the majority of people who are there to benefit from them, but they cause the organizers of the ministry to lose sleep.

  • “Are the bus drivers present to unlock the luggage compartments?”
  • “Will we have enough snacks so the volunteers are not hungry mid-day?”
  • “Are the volunteer snacks healthy and nutritious enough?”
  • “Are the students aware of where they need to go and what they need to do?”
  • “Do the volunteers know what they need to bring?”
  • “Do all the volunteers have their small group questions?”

These are just a few of the detailed oriented questions that run through my mind around summer camp time. At times Laura, my wife, can see my mental wheels turning as I try to think through all the last minute details when we are together.

I wouldn’t say details are my strength. To be honest, I naturally tend to be more of a “Let’s just see what happens” kind of guy. However, when you are organizing an event for 26 small group volunteers and 198 students, that type of laissez faire mentality does not fly. Thankfully, the Shepherd Youth Staff is filled with detailed oriented people who thrive on finding small detail errors. Thus the reason why our summer camps are planned down to the minute and are filled with things like a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, cookies displayed on fancy platters, lighting scenes that draw in anyone’s full attention, and worship elements that slam home the point of the night’s message.

Details sure do make the world of difference in a ministry event, but they also make a huge difference in someone’s life.

  • “Am I looking my spouse in the eyes as she talks to me?”
  • “Am I tracking what I am spending money on?”
  • “Did I encourage someone today?”
  • “How was my tone of voice when I responded to my child?”
  • “Did I talk to God today?”
  • “Did I listen to God today?”

See, the thing about details is if you ignore them today they do not effect you until later, then you exert more energy trying to fix the situation than you would if you had prepared for the situation. It is always easier to prepare than it is to repair.

What details in your own life are you ignoring? Prepare today so you will not have to repair tomorrow.