Post by: Garrison Polsgrove
Youth Discipleship Pastor at Shepherd Church


I’m glad middle school camp is only Sunday to Wednesday. Not because I don’t love being here and watching middle school students live in full vulnerability, but because it’s just enough time to leave the students with a desire for more. Now, I’m sure they won’t want more poison oak, mosquito bites, the dreaded stairs to the meeting room, or 5am wake up calls from the student who defies sleep. However, I hope they desire more high energy worship songs, engaging Christ-centered messages, discussion-based small groups, and more intentional time devoted to experiencing Jesus.

To be honest, nothing we do here is any different than what we offer back at Porter Ranch, but I would conclude summer camp is different because these young students come with an expectation to pursue an experience with Christ. Wow….I wish I could approach each day with the same attitude as these students have displayed this week. How would our days be different if we had the attitude of expecting to experience Jesus in every situation we encountered?

See, a worship experience isn’t a combination of strategically arranged songs, it is a mind that is inclined by the heart to intentionally see Jesus working and hear Jesus speaking. Thus worship isn’t an experience, it is a lifestyle.

My prayer is that these students continue their worship long after the music stops here in Ojai.