Post by: Dan Dilzer
Shepherd Youth D-Group Leader

I had a challenging year in D-Groups. My students would not open up and share and I went home many weeks with a sore throat because I was the only one talking.  They were not reading their Bibles and did not seem to have a hunger for getting to know God’s plan for their lives.  I completely understand their thinking because I was the same way when I was seventeen. However, due to my submission to God’s timing I never seriously thought about quitting, but I must admit it crossed my mind a time or two….until this happened…

Sunday morning I was at church for all three services, mostly just hanging around and fellowshipping. Parents of three of my students came up and asked if I had a minute to talk.  One parent told me that their child had a completely changed their attitude towards his mom because of conversations during our small group.  Another parent told me her son had so much fun at leader’s choice night (an off-campus activity we did as a group) when we went miniature golfing.  And later that week the student asked his parents to go mini-golfing with him again!  The last story was about a student who had an issue with local law enforcement.  His dad and I went out to lunch after service and he told me how proud he was that his son approached me for advice. At the time the student did not know if he could approach his dad but after some encouragement the student did come clean to his father. Although the situation was created by immaturity, it was remedied by the student modeling humility and admitting everything to his dad.  In the end everything turned out just fine. The student’s dad told me he would like for me to meet with his son a couple of times this summer just to make sure he stays on track.

Later that week I received an email from a parent of a former student who is being bullied at school.  The mother wants to meet with me and her son and pray about possible solutions.

As Garrison has repeated millions of times, we don’t always see the fruits of our labor immediately.  But on Sunday, I had a whole fruit basket!

And yes, I am coming for another year!