Post by: Lucille Williams
Shepherd Youth D-Group Leader

I am writing this because I need to express how working with high school girls has profoundly affected me.

I was seriously considering quitting at the end of this year. I doubted that I was making a difference. A few of my girls kept playing around and not taking our time seriously while others seemed to display apathetic attitudes.  My time is limited and I strive for balance and maximum effectiveness.

At the end of our night in small group, one of the girls suggested we go around the circle and say nice things about each person.

The uplifting words they said to each other impressed me greatly. But what hit me profoundly is what they said about me.

“Lu, while all the marriages around me are terrible, you give me hope that I can have a good marriage because of the marriage you have.”

“I think you’re the perfect parent, and I want to be a parent like you one day.”


“You don’t judge me. I can tell you stuff I would never tell my parents.”

Please understand, I do not think I’m all that and a bag of chips. I know I’m a mess! I was totally shocked to hear such compliments from my girls. This experience will forever leave me changed.

I’ll be back next year. Lesson learned: Even when you think you’re not making any difference, you probably have no idea how you are affecting your group.

With a thankful heart,