Post by: Garrison Polsgrove
Youth Discipleship Pastor at Shepherd Church

3 Things to keep in mind as you prepare to lead your D-Group…

1. It’s a fresh start…

Although you may have the same students as last year, try to forget all the annoyances your students caused you. Believe it or not, your students have matured. Three months in the life of a student is an eternity and many cognitive and emotional changes occur. Put aside that one instance when your student disrespected you and try to see her with fresh eyes. Its stinks for anyone to be held in contempt for things done in the past…especially for students whose brains literally aren’t fully developed yet. Let’s deal with the issues this year as they come and leave the previous problems where they lie…in the past.

2. It’s all about Jesus…

This one is for all those who have said to themselves at one time or another…”I just don’t feel I am making a difference.” Stop it!! Are you showing up each week? Are you listening to your students? Are you asking the Lord to give you wisdom as to what to say? Have you been repenting of sin? Then stop telling yourself statements like that. Discipleship is a process and God is working in each person in His own way. I sure am glad my mentors did not give up on me when I was young and did not show much change…and I bet you could say the same for yourself as well.

3. Get excited!!!!

Students feed off the energy of their leader. So set the tone of your group to be one of excitement. Now, I am not saying come in every Wednesday yelling and jumping up and down (although I am sure any 6th or 7th grade guy group would love it!). But rather, look forward to greeting each of your students and their parents, text them and say things like “Can’t wait for D-Groups to start! See you on August 26th!!” Pray with enthusiasm and ask God to use you in ways you haven’t even imagined. After all, think about what we are getting the privilege to do…help students experience Jesus Christ and grow in their faith so they will impact the world for His Kingdom!! Seriously!?!?! Come on!!!!

I will see each of you either on Sunday, August 16th or Wednesday, August 19th.