Post by: Garrison Polsgrove
Youth Discipleship Pastor at Shepherd Church
6 things to keep in mind while leading your small group:

1) We influence people through relationship. So, invest time early to merely get to know each of the members, it will show them you care about them personally and thus they will slowly begin to trust you.

2) Keep the group focused on a specific subject or topic. It’s tempting to want the group to merely “Go with the flow.” However, your group may touch on ten subjects and leave everyone feeling that nothing was accomplished. So, come prepared with one topic in mind and direct everything to that subject.

3) Don’t allow one person to dominate the discussion. Others may be intimidated to talk and thus defer to the strongest person in the group. So, if one person is answering all the questions and talking majority of the time, say something like, “Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate your input, but lets allow some other people to share.”

4) Call on people. Some people have to be called upon to share. So, invite them by saying something like, “What about you ___________, what do you think?”

5) Have plenty of questions on hand just in case some questions flop in getting a response. If one question is confusing or doesn’t really apply, move on! Don’t spend five minutes explaining what you are asking. Ask it once, then rephrase the question once…then if nothing happens…move on! Some questions look good on paper but flop depending on the audience.

6) Be Open. Set the tone of the group by being the first one to “open up.” Start by telling something personal from your life to break the ice and inspire others to open up as well. Use discretion when giving information, but you can totally give others the “gist” of something without telling every detail of a situation. Remember, this is a group you are leading…this is not a personal counseling session. Don’t use the group to vent your personal struggles or issues. Save those things for your close friends or spouse.