Post by: Garrison Polsgrove
Youth Discipleship Pastor at Shepherd Church

“Good afternoon everyone. This is your captain speaking…” We have all heard those words as we sit in a crammed seat trying to fit our carry-ons in the tiny space under the seat in front of us. If you are like me, you instantly zone out and ignore the complex details of the flight. Why do I need to know the airplane is going to be traveling at 30,000 feet? And why do I need to know the flight pattern of the cities we will be traveling over? It is not like we are going to be able to see any of it if we look down.

Recalling this experience my family and I had this past week reminded me of what church volunteering is like. Each of us has complete trust in our “heavenly captain” and so we get onboard with leading a small group despite having a lack of understanding of all that will go on. We merely answer the call given to us by the Holy Spirit and fully expect we will get to where He wants us to go even though there will be times when we think, “I have no idea how to handle this.” However, instead of standing up and asking to be let off the journey, we sit patiently and faithfully in our metaphorical “chairs of service” and trust our celestial pilot has everything under His control.

So what does it look like to faithfully and patiently serve even though we feel as if we got on the wrong plane? It looks similar to what my wife does on the plane when we hit turbulence…pray. The discipline that keeps us peaceful while at 30,000 feet in the air is the same habit that keeps us faithful in leading students to experience Jesus. Instead of focusing on how quiet your students are or how many weeks have passed since a student has given you a glimpse into their spiritual growth, remain focused on your heavenly Father and carry all your concerns to the foot of His throne (1 Peter 5:7). And once you have emptied the concerns of your heart in prayer would you sit in silence and listen for the calming all-powerful voice to whisper to your spirit, “This is your captain speaking…I got you…just trust me.”