Post by: Garrison Polsgrove
Youth Discipleship Pastor at Shepherd Church

O the deceiving voice of the god of comfort! His voice is loud and promises relief, but in turn breeds shallowness and dissatisfaction. Those who choose to forgo challenge and instead take refuge in comfort become people who are never satisfied and continue to long for luxury. Seeking to chase comfort dulls the senses that tune with the Spirit of God. It places our pleasure on the throne of our lives. Thus, our energy is spent trying to avoid challenge and sacrifice for the purpose of pleasing our desire for comfort. AAHHHH!!!! This is me!!

However, I have learned that comfort is the enemy of growth. Luxury is the nemesis of maturity. If the god of comfort lives in a palace, then challenge and sacrifice are the forces that those within the palace try to keep out. Those who worship comfort experience internal peace momentarily because deep within he or she knows his or her life is wasting and God-given abilities are squandering.

The worshipers of comfort have learned to be great deceivers because they must convince themselves daily of their impact. Every day they repeat to themselves, “I’m making a difference…” “I’m growing…” “God is using me…” But the reason they must repeat those lines to themselves is because they know their impact and character is not anymore stronger or Christ-like than they were two years ago. Comfort promises fulfillment, but delivers an unquenchable hunger for more.

Despite my own personal struggles in following the god of comfort, the only way I have found to defeat following his well beaten path to shallowness is to purposefully and consciously invite challenge into my life. Challenge acts as a diamond plated grindstone cutting out selfishness and stinginess and polishes my character to look like Christ’s. But it hurts. It is by definition uncomfortable. My brain naturally resists challenge and would rather avoid it. However, my brain is conditioned to conserve energy and avoid risk, not to shape my character. Challenge is the conditioner of character. Inviting challenge that requires personal sacrifice is the action of rebels who seek to dethrone the god of comfort. Sacrifice seekers are the mighty-men of Christ the Spirit uses to accomplish what will last into eternity.

So look challenge in the face and invite it into your life. Make sacrifice your friend and ask it to accompany you throughout each day. Where challenge and sacrifice live dwells the peace that passes understanding.