Here is my thinking behind the lesson.

I want students to understand and accept Jesus as God…and not just a good man who did miracles.

In the world we live in students are going to be pressured by other people and religions to answer how they can know Jesus was God and why was it necessary.

This lesson may be more about obtaining head knowledge than it is practical.

The practical application behind it is this: If Jesus is God then following Jesus is the best way to live. How would creation know how to live a life better than the God who created life?

The goal is for these students to understand through this lesson that Jesus is not just “a” way to but “THE” way to salvation. Jesus is not just one path that leads to God…Jesus is the only path because only He was God in human form.

Illustration to use in your group:
Say we were all on a ship and it started to sink. Everyone is panicking trying to figure out a way to fix the situation before we all die. Then, all of a sudden a helicopter drops down a man who announces to everyone, “I am the creator of this ship and know the way to fix everything.” Not only does he announce it with his words but he starts to immediately fix things no one on board could figure out. Would you follow his instructions from that time on or would you keep looking for someone else? Or even worse…try to keep figuring out everything on your own?!

Jesus is the Creator who came to His creation to show us the way out of a dying earth. He announced his position with His words and backed them up with his miraculous actions. Submitting our lives to Jesus isn’t only right but it’s logical! Jesus was either crazy, a liar, or actually God! You either trust Him completely with your everyday life (Faith) to be who He said He is or you do not at all. 

Here are some application questions:

1)      Often times we struggle with disobedience of God’s way because we doubt His way is the best way. Have we ever trusted someone and then later found out they were not someone we could trust? How does a lack of trust in God cause us to struggle to obey Him?

2)      How does it make you feel to know that God loves you more than you imagine and wants you experience a blessed life?

3)      Close your eyes: What pictures do you think of when you hear these words: “God loves you more than you know.”

4)      What does it mean to know that God will never let us down?