Tonight’s D-Group lesson is about trusting the Holy Spirit’s leading. Who is the Holy Spirit you may ask? The Holy Spirit is a person in spirit form that is inside of every baptized believer of Christ. The Holy Spirit is fully God but yet separate from Jesus and Father God. The Holy Spirit acts as our true north, constantly pulling us back to Scripture and giving us strength to do what we not normally do on our own.

Much like how there is a magnetic pull at the core of the earth that allows us to determine north, south, east, and west; the Holy Spirit is our inner directional pull that reminds us of God’s truth when our actions begin to stray from God’s truth. Without the earth’s magnetic force we would all be lost and unable to know whether the direction we are headed in is right or wrong. The Holy Spirit lives inside every baptized believer and guides us back to truth we sin and acts as our comforter when we are hurting.

Personal/Momentary Promptings
The Holy Spirit does not give us the entire picture of where He is taking us, but rather gives us only momentary promptings. The amount of trust we have in God’s plan determines the extent to which we will obey God’s leadings. However, the Holy Spirit does not work in the same way with everyone, that is because the Holy Spirit is personal and works out God’s will through our gifting and make-up. Thus, we should never compare the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives to anyone else’s.

No Contrictions
Although the Holy Spirit is personal, His promptings will never contradict the Bible or the character of Christ. Therefore, if one is feeling a prompting to do something sinful (Gal 5:19-21) that prompting is not of the Holy Spirit but rather comes from that person’s sinful nature that has yet to be killed off.

Killing Sinful Desires
We kill off the sinful nature and its promptings within us by starving our minds of sinful things. Think of ourselves as having two natures with us (The nature of the Holy Spirit and the nature of sin we were born with) and those natures being personified as two dogs in a fight against each other. The dog who will win and the dog who will lose is determined who got the most food that week. In the same way, the more we seek to eliminate sinful things from passing before our eyes and ears, and at the same time, seek to obey and know more of God through Scripture study and prayer, our sinful desire begin to die due to starvation.

I love the quote someone said: “The easiest way to kill a roaring lion is not to wrestle it to the ground but to ignore it by starving it of food.”

God places His Holy Spirit in us so He can live through us. Allowing God to live through us happens when we submit to his promptings and starve our sinful desires of thoughts and actions.