D-Group Leaders: This is merely a template. Feel free to edit it however you wish or write your own. The goal is to show the parents you are making an effort to keep them informed.

Thank you for allowing your student to be in my discipleship group. It has been a joy being a D-Group Leader and I thank you for making your child’s attendance on Wednesday night a priority. As I am sure you are aware, being a leader of students is not easy but I am learning as I go and loving it. In the past meetings we have been studying the following topics in Scripture:

  • September 28: The Start of the First Church
  • October 5: Characteristics of the First Church:
    A movement that included all types of people
  • October 19: Characteristics of the First Church
    They shared and gave what they had
  • November 2: Letter to the Churches: Corinth
    Using your gifts (Students took a Spiritual Gift Test)

Our last meeting on the Shepherd Porter Ranch Campus will be November 16th. We will not meet November 23rd due to Thanksgiving. But, on November 30th we will have our Leader Choice Night off Campus. This off-campus event is organized by me and designed to create a fun memory for our group. I will give you all the details of this event when I have them. Please feel free to call me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

It is my goal to make your child’s D-Group experience amazing, so please let me know any details you feel would help me to better know your child.

Thank you for your help,

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