Letter to Churches: We are Free! (Galatia)

Galatians 5: 16-26
Looking back, I should have included verses 13-15 in your reading of Galatians 5…so include that when you read the Scripture tonight in your group.

In regards to communicating the truth of our freedom granted to us because of Christ, think of it in terms of a relationship between child and parent (This may not be the best analogy since many students do not have a loving relationship with their parents). In this case, consider what a family goes through when adopting a baby. Does the family know whether or not the baby will grow up to be well-behaved? Do the parents pick out a child based upon how that child will contribute to the family? No. Future behavior and contributions are not criteria parents consider when choosing to adopt. Parents adopt a child due to their love for that child. Once a child is adopted the child is forever apart of the family and thus has freedom to express him/herself in a way that is according to how he or she was gifted.

Some may say at this point, “Well what if that child grows up and rejects the family by desiring to live in a manner opposite to what the parents stand for?” (I am of course illustrating the real life scenario of a person who calls themselves a “Christian” but chooses to live in unrepentant sin).  Let me point out that there is a difference between rejecting the family and losing the family. When a child is 18 years of age he or she can legally change his or her last name and sever all ties to the family that adopted him or her. But, a child just doesn’t accidentally lose his or her family by accidentally wandering into a court and accidentally filling out papers to reject his or her family; we choose what we will reject.

The same is true for people today in making Jesus their Lord and Savior. Those who have accepted God’s invitation to be a part of His family through Jesus do not need to fear losing His love and acceptance due to sin. The same reason my daughter does not need to fear me leaving her at an orphanage because she disrespected me last night when she was exhausted by saying, “NO DADDY!” when I told her to lay down so I could change her into her jammies.

Now, if I have patience with my child, how much more loving and patient is God!! So, let’s stop fearing God’s rejection when we sin. Instead, may we confess to Him with full transparency knowing He already knows our thoughts and loves us still.

When we understand God’s love we will experience the freedom to creatively and uniquely live for Him the way He has uniquely made us.