What Does God Really Think of Me?

This time of year, as seniors get accepted into college the next thought on their minds (mostly the parent’s minds) is, “Where can I get a scholarship!” Students are asked to submit test scores, GPA’s, extra-curricular involvement, and volunteer service to test whether they deserve to be given a scholarship to attend a specific school. However, it does not end there. Most scholarships are reviewed for renewal based upon the student’s GPA after each year! So, not only are scholarships given based upon past achievements, they are held in place by succeeding in the present. By giving a graduating senior a scholarship benefactors are in essence saying, “We believe, because of your past performance, you will further the cause of our endowment by continuing to produce what you have been producing the past four years.” Therefore, when a family receives a scholarship it is received with mixed emotions: Excited to be relieved of financial burden, but pressured by the expectation to continue to achieve.

The gift God has given to us through Jesus’ death is nothing like a college scholarship! It is not granted to those who have proven themselves worthy, nor does it come with the pressure to achieve to keep it in place. Making the gift of salvation anything about ourselves weakens the message of Jesus and deifies humanity.

We are forgetting the power of Jesus’ death when we think to ourselves after we do something good, “Are you proud of me now, God?” Or, just as worse, when we think to ourselves after we sin, “I bet you are mad at me now, God.”

For God’s sake! STOP!! Know the security you have in Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit remind you through reading the Word: “he has brought you into his own presence. And you are holy and blameless as you stand before Him without a single fault” (Colossians 1:22).

In your groups try to investigate the cause of a student’s feelings of unworthiness and look them in the eyes and say, “because of your faith in Jesus you stand before God without a single fault.”