Why is Being at Church Important?

Have you ever been at one of those sales conventions where people get up and talk about their successes and a motivation speaker tells everyone they can conquer the world if only they believe in themselves? In unison the crowd responds back, “WE CAN DO IT!!” Isn’t there something special about the energy created by large groups of like-minded people?

No, I am not encouraging anyone to join multi-level marketing and get inspired to sell hand cream. I am talking about the power gatherings of like-minded people have on the human spirit. It is easy for someone to feel isolated in their thinking and assume they are the only one in the world to believe or feel the way they do. The gathering of the local church is meant to encourage righteousness and comfort in hardship while taking away the feeling of isolation. It is an earthly expression of, a not yet fulfilled, heavenly reality in which believers experience belonging while worshipping and connecting with their Savior.

Not only is the local church meant to teach and inspire Christ-followers to go out into the world and be a witness for Jesus, it is meant to be a platform for the mature to mentor the weak. No, I am not talking about teaching others how to perform a bicep curl, I am speaking about wiser believers helping immature believers how to live and think Biblically. Younger believers may have zeal for the Lord, but most lack the knowledge to develop wisdom in everyday situations.

So why is attending church important for all Christ-followers? 1) Being encouraged by others helps Christ-followers faithfully obey and reminds us we are not alone in this temporary world, 2) It gives us an opportunity to serve, and when we serve we resemble Christ the most.