I want to tell others about Jesus….But how?

The goal of this group time is to give the students an easy way for them to tell others about Jesus and the experience they have had in knowing Him.

Have you ever experienced a new product and loved it? Then looked for moments when you could tell people about it? Your opening lines may have sounded something like: “Hey, have you heard of _________ ? I recently tried it and it changed how I ________?”

Your goal in telling about something that has changed you is not to create an argument or enter into a debate, but simply share something that is meaningful to you. The power of the product is shown in our personal experience and life change.

Now, I am not saying Jesus Christ is a product we need to sell, put down your stones. I am merely trying to draw a similarity between how we talk about everyday products and how we talk about our Savior, Jesus. Telling someone about Jesus does not require having a master’s degree from Oxford, it only requires us to have had a personal life changing experience with the Creator.

People who enter into arguments and try to debate with someone about the authenticity of their faith do more harm than good. Feeling the need to convince others of something you believe shows more of an insecurity than it does a confidence. Arguing with someone about your faith is a lose-lose situation. Best case scenario you stump the unbeliever, making them feel like they “lost” and giving you a sense of pride as you walk away. Worst case scenario is the unbeliever stumps you, giving the unbeliever more confidence than ever before.

Here are some simple rules to follow when telling something about how Jesus has changed you:

  • Do not argue or debate an idea: Stick with the phrase, “All I know is what Jesus has done for me.” People can debate an idea, but not a changed life.
  • Do not make up answers to difficult questions: Simply say, “That is a good question and I do not have an answer, sorry.” Making up answers only makes you look foolish.
  • Remember, it is not our job to “save” anyone…that is Jesus’ responsibility: We are simply called to share not save.